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Date: Wednesday, May 17 @ 10:50:09 ICT
Topic: Knowlegde Management in Organization

Tacit Knowledge and Explicit Knowledge.

�� Tacit Knowledge:

   ��  Tacit is highly personal. It is hard to formalize and difficult to 
        communicate to others.
   �� “We can know more than we can tell” (Micheal Polanyi)
   �� Tacit is also deeply rooted in action and in an individual’s commitment
       to a context
   �� Consists partly of technical skills
   �� Has an important cognitive dimension. It consists of mental models,
      beliefs, and perspective so ingrains

�� Explicit Knowledge:
    �� Explicit knowledge is formal and systematic
    �� Easily communication and shared
    �� In product specifications
    �� A scientific formula or computer program


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